Come Serve at Camp Blessing!

Watch the video above for a taste of what it's like to serve at Camp Blessing.

Summer 2022 Volunteer Dates



Term 1

May 30-June 4

Term 2

June 6-11

Term 3

June 13-18

Term 4

June 20-25

Term 5

June 27-July 2

Term 6

July 4-9

Term 7

July 11-16

Term 8

July 18-23

Term 9

July 25-30

Term 10

Aug 1-6

Volunteer Cost

Volunteers pay to support CBTX for this “mission trip.” The fee covers about 60% of the cost of room and board for 6 days/5nights. Because of the financial support from volunteers and generous supporters, we are able to discount the price for campers. We want anyone and everyone to attend camp, regardless of financial status.

Volunteer Cost



Check for availability and come as many weeks as you like!

Volunteer FAQs

Who can volunteer?

Anyone 13 or older is eligible to volunteer in some capacity! Nurses and doctors are also needed to work in our clinic.

What roles do volunteers fill at camp?

Crew (completed 6th-8th grade) – This is a role for middle school students ages 12-14. There are around 12 girl and 12 boy crew each week and they are supervised by 4 crew leaders (2 girls and 2 guys). Each crew member is assigned to a camper cabin and they are responsible for serving meals to them throughout the week. Another responsibility they have is to keep the cabins clean. Finally, they get to spend some time at activities and parties with their camper cabin and get to know their campers a little more. In the evenings, our crew leaders facilitate a devotional and a fun activity.

Cabin Hands (completed 9th grade) – Serve hand-in-hand with Counselors and Cabin Leaders by providing them with assistance and filling in in the cabin where needed. "Cabin Hands" are 15-16 years old, who act as an extra set of hands in the cabin.

Buddy (completed at least 10th grade) – This role is for high school sophomores through seniors ages 16-25 years old. Each "buddy" is paired up with a camper to be with all week. Some campers are very independent and just need a friend while other campers might require more assistance and need help with getting dressed in the morning, eating, going to the restroom, etc. There will be 6 campers, 6 buddies, 1 cabin hand and 2 summer staff members in each cabin. The cabin leaders facilitate daily devotionals for both the campers and the volunteers.

Cabin Parents (Ages 26+) –Some of their main responsibilities are doing laundry for their cabin, sitting with the cabin during FOB (relax time) and volunteer devo time, and encouraging and getting to know the campers, volunteers and staff, passing out snacks, and really helping out with whatever is needed.

Clinic Volunteers –Each week, we try to get at least 2 clinic volunteers to work in the clinic. This is a certified or licensed medical professionals. We have a full time clinic manager on site. Our clinic team organizes and passes out medications, assists with any feedings, illness, injuries, etc.

You can see what a typical day looks like here.

Feel free to contact us with specific questions!


How do we foster spiritual growth for volunteers?

Being a Christian camp for children with special needs, our focus is not on intensive lecture style teaching. Each night we have a joyful time of worship and a Bible study for volunteers. Here they can debrief with their cabins and have time to get to know each other better and be vulnerable. Volunteers also experience Christ as they love and serve their camper buddy.

Does my youth group get to spend time together?

While it is possible for groups to take time during the week to meet and process how things are going, it is important to remember Camp Blessing is totally structured around our campers’ unique needs. This limits the ability of a group to be together at a specified time each day. Girl cabins and boy cabins are also segregated, which makes interaction with the whole group harder to come by. We highly encourage groups to meet after the week is over to debrief and celebrate what God has done.

Do you need prior experience? Is training provided?

No experience is needed; only the heart to serve! Training covers topics such as personal care, safety, behavior management and diagnosis specific care. Volunteers receive 24 hours of training before campers arrive.

Is there a cost to volunteer?

Yes, volunteers pay $300 to help cover the cost of room and board for the week.

What does the youth leader do during the week?

The youth leader, youth intern and adult volunteers can sign up to serve as a cabin parent. This allows you to be involved in the lives of your students while also filling a need at camp. Cabin parents oversee a cabin or two as a parental figure, providing encouragement, support and prayer while also helping with laundry and snacks.

What sizes groups do you accommodate?

We can accommodate groups up to 50. Our ratios are critical to our ministry and we encourage you to underestimate the number of volunteers you can bring as we depend on each volunteer to fill an important role at camp.

Volunteer Rules + Policies

Alcohol, Drugs, & Tobacco

Our staff does not condone the use of illegal or misuse of prescription drugs. No tobacco or alcohol products are permitted at camp. We do not condone the abuse of tobacco, alcohol or public drunkenness.

Sexual Behavior

We believe sex is a gift from God reserved for marriage between a man and woman.


During camp terms the use of cell phones are NOT permitted! Cell phones are gathered during volunteer orientation and returned at Closing Ceremonies. Laptop computers are not to be brought to camp.

Volunteer Dress Code

  • SHIRTS should reflect a Christian image and not have inscriptions or advertising for questionable products (i.e. beer products, slanderous sayings). No spaghetti strap or tight fitting shirts. Shirts must cover abdomen even when hands are lifted in the air.
  • SHORTS must be loose fitting and at have at least a 5 inch inseam. No “sofee” style shorts. No shorts or pants with words across the seat.
  • SWIM Men must wear swim trunks (no Speedos). Women must wear modest one piece swimsuits, two piece swimsuits will be permitted provided they completely cover the abdomen area even with hands in the air.
  • TATTOOS & BODY PIERCINGS While at camp all body piercing jewelry is to be removed! ONLY small studs on pierced ears may be worn by either sex. Our volunteers or staff will wear NO naval, eyebrow or tongue jewelry at camp (this is a safety issue). At the discretion of the camp directors any tattoo that may be viewed as inappropriate will need to be covered at all times. You are an example of a Christian lifestyle to your campers. Parents count on you to represent a clean-cut example. If discussions occur about tattoos or body piercing with campers or other participants, please try to steer the conversation in another direction and do not encourage campers or other participants to get tattoos or body piercings.
  • SHOES must be worn at all times unless at the pool. Closed-toed shoes are required during all daytime activities with the exception of to and from the pool. Sandals and flip-flops may be worn to the nightly parties.
  • APPEARANCE While we know that God looks at the heart and does not judge man by appearances, we still feel convicted to present a clean appearance on the outside, as well as the inside. Men, you may keep your facial hair if you come to camp with a beard or mustache that is well groomed. However, you may not grow a new beard or mustache while at camp. Hair length is optional. However, all hair must be well groomed at all times.

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