The COVID-19 pandemic is ever changing, and protocols are rapidly adapting. As a result, we are committed to communicate our efforts to keep our campers, volunteers and staff healthy and safe so families can make informed decisions about sending their beloved family member to camp. We are focused on taking all reasonable measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have been networking with other like-minded camps in Texas and across the country for best practices.

Here are the key elements of our policy:

·       We will require an acknowledgement verifying that the participant obtained a negative COVID test within 72 hours prior to their arrival at camp.  Please note that a child-friendly saliva test for COVID-19 is available at most local pharmacies.

·       We encourage all campers and volunteers to avoid large groups or other activities that would increase exposure to COVID-19 in the week leading up to camp. 

·       We will have a fully staffed clinic oriented to the unique aspects of the pandemic.

·       Every staff, volunteer and camper will be monitored for suspected COVID-19. Suspicion will lead to a requirement to be picked up and transferred to home for medical assessment. We will not be performing COVID testing at camp for pragmatic reasons.

·       We will be monitoring Texas state and CDC guidelines as the pandemic changes. We are committed to holding camp this summer and will communicate and modifications or changes to the guidelines proactively with camper and volunteer families.

·       The CBTX medical directors are committed to work with camp leadership to orient the clinic staff to the key elements of safety with regard to the pandemic. They invite questions from camper and volunteer families.

Additionally, we have taken measures to monitor and address symptomatic campers with appropriate protocols to isolate, confirm, respond, and remove any camper, volunteer or staff member with suspected COVID-19. You can view the additional measures we’re taking by reviewing our FAQs below.

Ultimately, the choice for your camper or volunteer to attend Camp Blessing is a personal one, and you are in control. Camp Blessing by its very nature exposes campers in a rather intimate way to each other and staff.  We encourage each family to evaluate these risks and if needed, consult with their physician to determine if the associated risks are acceptable.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we plan for an amazing summer!


Are you having camp this summer?

YES! We are extremely excited to welcome campers, volunteers, and staff back to Camp Blessing for summer 2022.

What are you doing to keep campers, volunteers, and staff safe?

  • Practices and precautions are being put in place in order to keep campers, volunteers, and staff as safe as possible.
  • Traffic flow on and off campus will be limited.
  • Arrival and departure will be modified.
  • Camp Blessing has an incredible team of registered nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians who serve in our clinic to keep everyone safe and healthy. The clinic will be staffed 24/7 during the summer.
  • Temperature checks.
    • If anyone has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, they may be isolated in the camp infirmary and/or asked to return home. Parents should be available to pick their camper up within 8 hours should illness warrant a camper be sent home.
  • Activity schedules will be adjusted to reduce large group programming.
  • Staff and volunteers will receive additional training on how to ensure the health and safety of everyone at camp.
  • Routine cleaning and disinfecting of facilities, activities and equipment.

We appreciate that camp will be a little different this summer but know that we are using every resource at our disposal to ensure a clean and safe environment for everyone who can’t wait for camp’s return.

Will campers and volunteers be required to wear masks during camp?


How are you training your staff?

  • Our staff will arrive a minimum of one week prior to start training. All staff will be trained on how to recognize and monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Staff will also be trained on effective cleaning and disinfecting measures for both cabins and shared camp facilities.
  • Staff will learn good hygiene practices for themselves and for others.

Is there anything we need to do before arriving at camp?

Yes, in order to offer the safest camp experience possible, we ask that prior to arrival you take the following steps:

  • We will require an acknowledgement verifying that the participant obtained a negative COVID test within 72 hours prior to their arrival at camp.  Please note that a child-friendly saliva test for COVID-19 is available at most local pharmacies.

We encourage all campers and volunteers to avoid large groups, social distance and consider wearing a mask prior to arrival at camp.

How will the time and experience of camp be affected?

Although we are adjusting some of our large group gatherings, we are planning an incredible summer for all of our campers, volunteers, and staff. From alternate or modified activities, every schedule is being made with safety as the first priority. We are so excited to bring fun, new activities to camp that are outdoor.

We will have a GREAT summer and safety continues to be our top priority. If there is anything out of the ordinary, individuals will be assessed by our onsite medical team to determine next steps. Anyone with a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher will be isolated and may be sent home.

What about closing ceremony/pick up?

This year’s closing ceremonies will be earlier than in prior years. This is to allow for additional cleaning and disinfecting of the cabins and common spaces.

Will visitors be allowed at camp?

In an effort to maintain the safest environment possible visitors will be limited. Contact the office with any concerns. 

What about when camp is over?

We ask that you notify camp health officials if anyone displays COVID related symptoms or receives a positive COVID test result within 10 days of their return home. 

You want what is best for your camper/volunteer and we want to partner with you to create the safest camp environment possible. If your camper/volunteer has been sick or running a fever prior to arrival, please contact us so we can determine the right course of action for everyone’s health and safety.

Camp Blessing is doing everything we can to limit and prevent the spread of illness at camp. Under the guidance of our Medical Directors, we will adhere to the expectations set forth by the local health department and CDC. We are doing everything we can and are trusting that God will continue to bless our ministry. We ask that you pray with us: to safely provide life-changing experiences to our campers and volunteers this summer.

We want to make sure that your camper or volunteer has an amazing summer but we understand this might not be the right time. If summer 2022 is not a match, we really hope we get the opportunity to provide the life-changing Camp Blessing experience in 2023.

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