Volunteer FAQ’s

Who can volunteer?

Anyone 13 or older is eligible to volunteer in some capacity! Nurses and doctors are also needed to work in our clinic.

What roles do volunteers fill at camp?

Barnstormer (Ages 13-15) – Serve camp alongside each other in the dining hall preparing for and cleaning up after meals

Junior Counselor (Ages 15-16) – Serve hand-in-hand with Counselors and Cabin Leaders by providing them with assistance and filling in in the cabin where needed

Counselor (Ages 16-25) – Serve as they are paired with a camper with special needs, facing the week’s joys and challenges no more than an arm’s length away from one another. Each pair is assigned to a cabin that is overseen by our amazing summer staff

Cabin Parents (Ages 26+) – Serve by overseeing a cabin or two throughout the week providing them with parental wisdom and guidance, encouragement, support and prayer while also helping with laundry and snacks

Nurse/Doctor – Serve our campers by using their special gifts and education in the clinic

You can see what a typical day looks like here.

Feel free to contact us with specific questions!

How do we foster spiritual growth for volunteers?

Being a Christian camp for children with special needs, our focus is not on intensive lecture style teaching. Each night we have a joyful time of worship and a Bible study for volunteers. Here they can debrief with their cabins and have time to get to know each other better and be vulnerable. Volunteers also experience Christ as they love and serve their camper buddy.

Does my youth group get to spend time together?

While it is possible for groups to take time during the week to meet and process how things are going, it is important to remember Camp Blessing is totally structured around our campers’ unique needs. This limits the ability of a group to be together at a specified time each day. Girl cabins and boy cabins are also segregated, which makes interaction with the whole group harder to come by. We highly encourage groups to meet after the week is over to debrief and celebrate what God has done.

Do I need prior experience? Is training provided?

No experience is needed; only the heart to serve! Training covers topics such as personal care, safety, behavior management and diagnosis specific care. Volunteers receive 24 hours of training before campers arrive.

Is there a cost to volunteer?

Yes, volunteers pay $300 to help cover the cost of room and board for the week.

What does the youth leader do during the week?

The youth leader, youth intern and adult volunteers can sign up to serve as a cabin parent. This allows you to be involved in the lives of your students while also filling a need at camp. Cabin parents oversee a cabin or two as a parental figure, providing encouragement, support and prayer while also helping with laundry and snacks.

What sizes groups do you accommodate?

We can accommodate groups up to 50. Our ratios are critical to our ministry and we encourage you to underestimate the number of volunteers you can bring as we depend on each volunteer to fill an important role at camp.