“Just a quick note with a BIG THANK YOU for a wonderful camp! Ellie had an awesome time. She came home talking more than we’ve ever heard her talk. I was just amazed at what you all have accomplished and how truly uplifting the whole camp experience is for our special kids.”

-New Camper Mom

“Our whole family has been so blessed by Tanner's experience with Camp Blessing Texas! He was a totally different person when he came home (in a good way). He's even working on his tolerance with his little sister! I had to ask, ‘who are you and what have you done with Tanner?!?!'”

-An SOTK's Dad

“I’d like to share a moment that brought tears to my eyes. The second cabin to receive the cross was all rowdy boys. Jodi had just spoken to them to let them know this is a time of prayer and reflection. When the cross reached their cabin, each boy held onto that cross and it appeared that all but one prayed a very heartfelt, sincere prayer. One boy was thankful for the week of camp and for the counselors and he added not only that the counselors were there to serve man but to serve God. It was obvious the campers had a great week and they were well taken care of… and we could see Jesus in their week of camp. The profound impact it made on the counselors was awesome.”

-A Visiting Supporter