Summer Staff Positions

(may be placed in several or just one depending on needs each week)

Cabin Leader

Cabin leaders serve as a pair of co-leaders directly over a cabin of campers and volunteers. They lead daily camper and SOTK bible studies and encourage their SOTKs and come alongside them in loving and serving their campers. They assist and train SOTKs in meeting their camper’s physical needs. They travel to daily activities with their cabin and promote cabin spirit. They are present and engaged with their cabins and are able to adapt to whatever that term may hold.

Activity Leader

Activity leaders make up the largest group of program staff at Camp Blessing and are truly responsible for making camp happen! During the three activity days of each term, they lead activities and help teach truth amidst the experience. Activities include Ropes*, Horses**, Pool*, Lake*, Water games, Arts and Crafts, Sensory, Music*, Archery, and Costume Closet. Leading includes ensuring safety, encouraging participation, and creating all kinds of fun. *extra training required pre staff training in May
**Wranglers: These staffers ideally have horse experience and are confident being around animals that weigh way more than they do. They assist in the care of the horses and creatively and safely facility the interaction and riding experiences for the campers. Horse therapy experience preferred but not required.

Media Team

Wow, do we love our media team! They provide the voices for so many campers who use visuals to tell their family and friends about their experience and want to remember camp all year round!
The photo team takes photos daily of each camper to fill unique photo books for them to take home. They stay organized with all things technical and communicate with their team to create nightly slide shows. They post photos to our social media and give parents a glimpse of what their kiddos are experiencing at camp!
The videographer shoots video and edits to create a 15-25min DVD to send home with campers each week and help them experience camp from their homes! The videographer also uploads each term’s video to our social media accounts. Our campers watch these videos nonstop all year and this is a huge part of our ministry to them.

Special Diets

So many campers (and staff/SOTKS) would for real not be able to come to camp without this team. These staff members plan and prepare meals in accordance with any and all dietary allergies and restrictions. They are knowledgeable and creative and understand the importance of avoiding cross contamination and time management. (Talk to us for information regarding internship/program credits for those studying nutrition)


So many of our campers wouldn’t be able to come without the care that Camp provides and these staff members are the hands and hearts of that care! Each week they assist in training the volunteer nurses on Camp’s medication distribution system, check in and administer meds, tend to scraped knees, and rotate being on call. Current enrollment in pre-med/pre-nursing preferred but not required. Must have advanced CPR certification.

Staff Kids

This position works closely in providing care for the director’s children as well as the children of volunteer nurses and cabin parents. These staff members really love kids and are creative and innovative with lots of patience and adaptability. This is way more than just your average summer nanny job - you’re guaranteed to go down the zipline, tour the bluebell factory, and have days full of treasure hunts.

Kitchen Krew

This role is credited with literally keeping everyone at camp happy. They are key players in helping meals happen which in turn keeps camp running. They assist wherever is needed both in and out of the kitchen – prepping food before the meal and keeping the dining hall running smoothly in the midst of chaos. They maintain awareness, attention to detail, and joy. Help prepare meals under the guidance of the Chef.

Leadership Team

This team is made up of preferably returning staff members who want to step up to more of a leadership position. Their role begins with planning camp starting in January and helping to keep the day to day of camp running in several different roles during the summer. Discuss with Glen or Laura if you have questions or interest.

Barnstormer Leader

These are the fearless team of leaders of our middle school aged SOTKs- the Barnstormers. They are embracers of awkwardness, care about cleanliness, and know how to make anything fun. They come alongside the barnstormers each week to teach about serving, cleaning, waiting tables, and selflessness. They write and lead Bible studies for their SOTKs, both serving with them and teaching them. They are full of grace, very organized, team players, and somewhat up to speed with what’s “cool”.