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What are YOU doing this summer?

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This was heaven on earth!” andI came here to help a camper and they blessed me more! are common statements from our incredible SOTK’s (camp lingo for volunteer counselors or Servant of the King).  Camp Blessing utilizes a committed force of volunteer counselors who make a donation for the opportunity to serve as the hands and feet of Christ.  In 2016, more than 700 volunteers donated 90,000 volunteer hours.  Are you interested in having a life-changing week as a STOK?  Summer 2017 we will need 1,000 SOTK’s! (sign up opens December 2016).

Contact Caleb at if you have questions or would like to schedule him to speak to your youth group, student ministry, or service team.  Camp Blessing really is a special place for special kids, but don’t just take our word for it, check us out on 


SOTK Volunteer Opportunities-

  • BARNSTORMERS-(ages 13-15) be an extra set of hands to help with campers or assist with anything else that needs to be done, like activity organization, dining room help, and light cleaning.
  • JUNIOR COUNSELORS (ages 15-16) serve as cabin floaters to be an extra set of hands assisting the One-to-One Counselors and Cabin Leaders
  • ONE-ON-ONE COUNSELORS (ages 16-25)-serve as a 1:1 buddy with a single camper and make sure they have the best week of their lives
  • CABIN PARENTS (adults)-oversee cabins of campers, helping as needed

Apply online now (note: be sure to “Check out your Cart” upon completion of application or we will not see your application).

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