We believe God Almighty to be our creator and heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ to be our Lord and Savior. We also believe the Holy Bible to be His inspired word and as such is our final authority for faith and life.  It is our purpose to teach His word and to glorify Him in all we do.


Camp Blessing is excited to invite new people into the family of committed Christians who want to further the message of Jesus Christ. We want you to feel a part of our camp family and to realize that we strive to glorify Jesus Christ in everything we do. We especially want the campers to see our staff and volunteers as living examples of Christ’s life. In keeping with that, we have specific policies, stated below; to allow you to understand what we believe is right and true in the eyes of our Lord. If you do not agree with the policies, it is important that you let us know. The decisions you make personally about such issues are between you and God. However, as a representative of Camp Blessing we ask that you uphold and stand firm on these issues.

All campers should have a diagnosis of having an intellectual and/or physical disability and be otherwise unable to attend a traditional youth camp.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss if your child qualifies.  Some restrictions apply, campers should be free of physically aggressive behaviors.  We are also not equiped to handle emotional distubance disorders.

Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco

Our staff does not condone the use of illegal or misuse of prescription drugs. No tobacco or alcohol products are permitted at camp.  We do not condone the abuse of tobacco, alcohol or public drunkenness.

Sexual Behavior

We believe that premarital sex and homosexual relationships are wrong and in violation of God’s Word.


Dress Code

SHIRTS should reflect a Christian image and not have inscriptions or advertising for questionable products (i.e. beer products, slanderous sayings). No spaghetti strap or tight fitting shirts. Shirts must cover abdomen even when hands are lifted in the air.

SHORTS must be loose fitting and at have at least a 5 inch inseam. No “sofee” style shorts. No shorts or pants with words across the seat.

Men must wear swim trunks (no Speedos). Women must wear modest one piece swimsuits, two piece swimsuits will be permitted provided they completely cover the abdomen area even with hands in the air.

Tattoos & body piercing: While at camp all body piercing jewelry is to be removed! ONLY small studs on pierced ears may be worn by either sex. Our volunteers or staff will wear NO naval jewelry, eyebrow or tongue jewelry at camp (this is a safety issue). At the discretion of the camp directors any tattoo that may be viewed as inappropriate will need to be covered at all times. You are an example of a Christian lifestyle to your campers. Parents count on you to represent a clean-cut example. If discussions occur about tattoos or body piercing with campers or other participants, please try to steer the conversation in another direction and do not encourage campers or other participants to get tattoos or body piercing.

SHOES must be worn at all times unless at the pool. Closed-toed shoes are required during all daytime activities with the exception of to and from the pool. Sandals and flip-flops may be worn to the nightly parties.

Appearance: While we know that God does not judge man by appearances, He looks at the heart, we still feel convicted to present a clean appearance on the outside, as well as the inside. Me, you may keep your facial hair if you come to camp with a beard or mustache that is well groomed. However, you may not grow a new beard or mustache while at camp! Hair length is optional. However, all hair must be well groomed at all times.


Cell Phones & Laptop Computers: In the world of high technology we have to make policy for electronic use. During camp terms the use of cell phones and PCs are NOT permitted! Cell phones are gathered during SOTK orientation and returned at Closing Ceremonies.  Trust us, you won’t miss it!  Lap top computers are not to be brought to camp. E-mails will be received on the Camp PC and distributed daily during camp.