Thank you for choosing Camp Blessing Texas.  The following information is to address any safety concerns you may have.

Please know you are welcome to contact us at anytime.

NOTE:  Forms to bring to check in are located here: Forms

NON Emergency Contact:  It is important we have your contact info while your child is at camp.  So be sure contact info on the registration site is up to date each summer.  We may occasionally call parents for wisdom and advise on addressing behavior issues as well.  It is our desire to love and care for your child to the same level as you and our God does, so the more information you can provide us the better.

1.  Abuse Prevention:  All staff and volunteers who work with campers are required to complete our abuse prevention curriculum and pass a test confirming their understanding.  All staff and volunteers age 18 and over undergo a background check.

2. One of our rules is “3 or more at all times”, this prevents any one from ever being one-on-one with a camper for safety of camper and counselor.

3.  Emergency Notification:

Camp Blessing Notification of Parent/Caregiver in Case of Non-Emergency Illness or Injury

While one of our primary goals is parental/caregiver rest, we occasionally have to contact parents in regards to illness, injury and behaviors.

It is the desire of the Camp Blessing that camper and staff families be notified of any illness or injury they may encounter while at camp. In that regard, when a camper or staff member is ill or injured, a decision by the Camp Nurse will be made to determine if it constitutes an emergency.  Most minor things will be discussed with parents on pick up day.

If deemed an emergency then the Emergency Notification Process will be utilized.

If deemed to be a non-emergency, then the ill or injured person will be treated/attended at the Camp Clinic. A determination will be made by the Camp Nurse and in consultation with the “on-call” doctor if necessary for the onsite treatment. In order to control illness outbreaks, caution will be exercised and isolate contagious persons as appropriate. Preferably by telephone, the Camp Director or Nurse will contact the individual’s emergency contact person to be advised of the illness or injury. Such calls will be documented in the Clinic Log.

Heath NOTE:  Your camper and or volunteer must be fever free for at least 24 hours prior to arriving at camp.