General Questions

What is the mission of Camp Blessing?
The mission is to share the love of Christ with kids/adults who have special needs as well as their siblings in a fun, fully accessible camp setting.

When is Camp?
Typically in June, July and the first half of August.

Where is Camp Blessing?
Camp Blessing is located just north of Brenham, Texas.
9402 Palestine Rd.
Brenham, TX 77833

Camper Questions

Who can be a camper?
Campers should be over seven years old. There is flexible upper age limit, but we have a specified adult week. Camp Blessing serves campers who need one-on-one counselors. Our amazing campers are challenged by physical or intellectual disabilities. Common diagnoses include autism, Down’s syndrome, Asperger’s cerebral palsy, etc.  We are not set up to handle mental disorders like Schizophrenia and other diagnosis related to psychosis, excessive anger etc.

What kind of medical care is provided?
We have amazing and wonderful volunteer doctors and/or nurses. Routine medications are managed along with routine trach care, tube feedings, etc.  We do our best to recruit at least one RN to be on site each week.  Help Recruit Volunteers!

What activities do campers do?
Activities you’d expect to do at summer camp- swimming, horse riding, archery, arts & crafts, fishing, canoeing, rock-wall climbing, drama, tandem zip line, big swing, etc. All activities are adapted to ensure that every camper experiences success in any activity he/she wants to do.

What is the ratio of volunteer & staff to campers?
Within each cabin there is a ratio of at least 1 volunteer & staff to each camper. On the camp property the campers are usually outnumbered 3 to 1.  Our goal is camper safety, fun and experiencing the encompassing love of God.

What kind of training do the volunteers and staff receive?
Training covers topics such as personal care, safety, behavior management and diagnosis specific care. Volunteers receive 24hrs and the staff receives 72hrs of training before any campers arrive. All staff and volunteers age 18 and up will have background cheek and abuse prevention training. All volunteers are supervised and supported by our experienced staff.

Are special diets available?
Yes. Special diets such as GFCF are available as needed.

Are scholarships available?
Yes. Partial and whole scholarships are available upon request through the generosity of our wonderful supporters.  We will do everything in our power to not allow finances to prevent any camper from attending.

Is CBTX accredited by the ACA?
Not yet. Since we have not had our own property, we couldn’t be ACA certified.  It is our goal to apply for certification as soon as we are able.  We are however, members in good standing with the highly regarded Christian Camp & Conference Association.

How do I get a camper application?
Camper applications will be online starting each December.  You can join the email list to receive occasional updates and notifications.

When are applications due?
New campers are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis when their completed applications are received and accepted. Please submit applications online.  Making an online reservation will hold your spot assuming you make a deposit.  We sell-out every year, so please register as soon as you can to ensure a spot for your camper.

Volunteer Questions

Who can volunteer & for what positions?
Volunteers age 13-15 are Barnstormers serve in the dining hall and serve as assistants to counselors. Volunteers 16-25 are Counselors and are paired one-on-one with an amazing camper. Volunteers 26 and over serve as Cabin Mom/Dad, provide a cabin of campers with encouragement and lend a helping hand. Nurses needed too!

What kind of training is provided?
No experience is needed; only the heart to serve! Training covers topics such as personal care, safety, behavior management and diagnosis specific care. Volunteers receive 24 hours of training before campers arrive.

When does training take place?
Volunteer training takes place during the 24hours prior to camper arrival.

Is there a cost to volunteer?
Yes. volunteers pay $225 to support CBTX for this “mission trip.” We ask that volunteers raise donations to assist with camper scholarships as well.

Staff Questions

When is staff training?
To be considered for staff, traing is mandatory the week prior to camp.

How can I help with camp preparations?
This biggest challenge is recruiting energetic Christian volunteers. The most effective way to reach new volunteers is by word of mouth. Please share your excitement about CBTX with others. Contact Glen and Laura Elder if you’d like brochures, videos or ideas for recruiting. Also, we would be happy to present camp opportunities in person to your Christian group.

Help is also needed with raising scholarships and with the capital campaign.

Supporter Questions

Is Camp Blessing (CBTX) an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization?
Yes. A copy of our official letter is available upon request.

Who are the leaders of CBTX?
Chuck & Jodi Ferguson are the founders of CBTX. They have attended Camp Barnabas in Missouri and have modeled CBTX after it. They are the proud parents of three children; one with autism. The Elder Family had come along side the Ferguson’s to volunteer at camp. Glen Elder is now the Executive Director. We have a great board of directors, please let us know if you want to be considered for the future. (See Meet the Directors page)

What has CBTX achieved in the past?
Since 2006, we’ve been honored to serve campers at an increasing rate anually.  In 2015 we had 470 campers and over 700 Volunteers.

For Campers: Camp and special needs research shows the improved “life satisfaction” campers experience socially, physically, and in their health. Unlike many other camps, CBTX also succeeds in meeting our campers’ spiritual needs.

For Camper Families: CBTX has a specific program for the siblings of our special needs campers. These siblings get the attention they sometimes lack. The often exhausted parents & caregivers of our campers receive rare and valuable respite. One parent remarked, “I remembered that we were married!”

For Volunteers: Many who serve at CBTX have no previous experience with special needs persons. Volunteers invariably report how they came to “give” to our campers but find that they have also “received” from the campers.

What is unique about the work of CBTX?
Few summer camps specifically serve special needs campers. Even fewer provide distinctly Christian programming.

What are the future plans of CBTX?
Our growth has averaged greater that 30% per year. We are making plans to reach more. For each camper who enjoys CBTX, two or three others remain on our wait list. We are limited in the number of campers we can serve because we only have a rented retreat center for a few weeks each summer. Imagine the hundreds of special needs individuals who could be served at a fully accessible year round camp/retreat center! If you, or someone you know, can help us through donations please contact us. Please pray for God’s wisdom and discernment as we grow.

What are specific financial needs of CBTX?
Popular gifts are for camper scholarships, $595 each; or, a cabin sponsorship of $1800. Another unique gift is to cover the cost of our Carnival Night (inflatables, climbing wall, dunk tank, cotton candy machine) – $1200 each Term. Monthly support is needed as well, just $49.58 per month covers a camper scholarship.

Does CBTX accept online donations?
Yes. This secure option can be deducted from your bank account or credit card. (Managed by PayPal and Network for Good – see donation page)

Does CBTX accept gifts of securities/stocks?
Yes. Contact Glen Elder for details.

Does CBTX have an endowment?
No. We would happily recognize a supporter who would like to start a CBTX endowment fund.

Are CBTX Tax Forms and financial statements available?
Yes. IRS Form 990 and Financial Statements are available upon request.