Our counselors become the earthly representation

of God’s love, his complete acceptance, and his encompassing JOY, as we spend time in activities and relationships centered on loving God.


One of our camper parents said it best- “After we dropped our son off, it dawned on me that I had never been separated from him since his birth.  But when I picked my son up, he was a new child.  At Camp Blessing he is a rock star, not the odd kid.  At Camp Blessing he is able, not disabled.  At Camp Blessing, he is not just accepted; he is loved.  My son looks forward to Camp Blessing every year.”  

In a safe, (incredibly fun!) and encouraging environment, Camp Blessing offers campers both familiar and stretch activities.  We can’t count the number of times parents have shared that their child won’t try certain things (and if they don’t that is completely fine with us) only to return to learn their child has mastered something they have never before done like ride a horse, brave the big swing, or participate in a talent show.  We surround campers with God’s love in a fun, accepting environment (one they may not have experienced elsewhere) where everyone, including our amazing counselors, are trying new things.  

Camp Blessing believes a loving God uniquely created each of us, regardless of earthly obstacles or challenges faced. We believe our campers deserve equal opportunity, to have a total blast at summer camp and to do so while being fully accepted for exactly who they are.   By how we treat our campers, we encourage individuals with special needs to cherish themselves exactly as they were created by God to be.  We invite our amazing SOTK volunteer counselors to come experience lives changed by inclusion and love.  

You ready to have some fun Camp Blessing style? So are we!

In their routine lives, individuals with special needs are often excluded from group activities, stared at, or treated harshly by peers.  Camp Blessing shows campers how the world should treat them, and how beloved they are by God!  Here they are surrounded with love, acceptance, and fun all week.  They are not excluded from any activity, as everything is customized to accommodate all range of abilities.  Campers (age 7+) experience every activity with a single counselor who is within arm’s length all week.  Beginning with a camp-wide welcome celebration where every camper is greeted with cheers (or quiet if they prefer), the week is filled with engaging activities.

Our 1:1 camper-to-counselor ratio ensures the safety of campers, the comfort of parents, and the reach of the mission as close bonds are developed and servant-leadership is encouraged in these deep friendships.



A camper’s day begins with a freshly made hot breakfast followed by a brief daily devotional.  There are three exciting morning activities, lunch and camp songs, rest period, and two engaging afternoon activities.  After dinner, campers participate in a themed party like the Carnival, Sock Hop, or Messy Games night.  Each night concludes with group worship time that includes dress-up, skits, songs with hand motions and lots of JOY.  An exciting 3 out of 4 campers return annually and many have been with us since our beginning.  Campers gain hope, joy, confidence, and lifelong friends during their summer camp experience at Camp Blessing.

Camper siblings are always welcome at camp too, and it is often an inspiring, special time for siblings to share new experiences and receive support from similar families.

At camper pick-up, our closing ceremony is not to be missed!  Your camper will teach you our theme song, everyone receives a special award as well as a personalized photo book with notes from your counselor detailing the fun they had all week.


Campers, quickly catch on to fun traditions and silly songs that go on around camp and at meal time. We serve 3 meals daily and have had many compliments on our delicious food that offers something for everyone, even those with special diets.  Plenty of water keeps us all hydrated.  Special Diets are offered and the Doctor and/or Nurses will attend each child as needed for assistance or medicine.


Most campers mention horseback riding  as the highlight of the week. We use methods of safety typical to therapeutic riding centers. Two side walkers all all times is the minimum. Horses are checked out prior to being accepted into camp.

Canoeing is a fun bonding time for campers and counselors. We provide approved life jackets that all participants must wear. You might have to cool your counselor off with a splash!

Archery, fun for all ages. Each counselor helps their camper succeed in one way or another. Did you know the definition of sin can be related to archery? Make sure you tell us how you think it connects when you come to this activity.

Arts and Crafts, a fun creative time and a chance to cool off inside. Crafts can even include making things out of food. That sounds fun, building and snacking all in one!

Music Time – campers of all ages usually love to sing and play instruments. In the past we have had leaders with some college classed on music therapy. Music makes the heart happy.

Swimming is also a favorite time for campers and counselors alike. Free play in the cool water makes everyone smile. No worries mom, the Life Guard is on duty and counselors are close when campers are swimming.

Ball Sports – Creative games, encouraging individual and team aspects of sports geared to the specific abilities of your child.

Fishing – we have had a great time fishing, many campers get their picture made with their first fish.

Water Games, That’s right, more water. Get wet, have fun and cool off is the key to this fun activity. You will have a great time squirting your counselor or flying down the water slide.

Costume Closet – This unique time gets everyone to loosen up and goof around in costumes. See yourself on TV!

Ropes Course. Complete with a Rock Climbing wall. Certified instructors will lead you through low and high ropes elements-always a camp favorite.

Each evening has an exciting theme party, like messy games (an all time favorite), carnival night, dance parties and the variety show. The final evening always includes a special time of cabins praying together called the Cross Walk.

There’s even more than this to do- trust us- your camper will have a blast!

Attention Mom or Dad – Here some reasons why your child needs camp! Video Here