We’re recruiting a select group of people, mostly college-aged, who are growing in their relationship with the Lord. These candidates have leadership skills and a servant heart – with the ability to commit to Staff Training. This paid position will require some additional training time. To apply for any staff position, click below on the “apply now”.

 STAFF TRAINING will usually be the last week of May. (for full time summer Staff, NOT volunteer SOTK’s)


Summer Staff Positions

(may be placed in several or just one depending on needs each week):

Barnstormer Leader – Head of the Barnstormers aka Kitchen Krew.  Lead and disciple 13-16 yr olds as they serve in the kitchen, wait tables, clean camp and hang out.  Teaching them to serve as unto the Lord.
Cabin Leader – two cabin leaders are assigned to each cabin of campers and volunteers.  Cabin Leaders will lead bible studies, disciple, encourage, have fun, keep campers safe, train volunteers etc.
Photo – take photos daily of each camper to organize and handout to counselors, helping them create a unique photo book for each camper to take home.
Video – shoot video/edit/screen and make a 12-20min DVD to send home with campers each week.  Should have multiple shots of campers.  Duplicate DVD to send home.
Clinic – Help run clinic, train nurse volunteers on our med system, assist campers as needed.  Must at least have advanced CPR.  Not required to be an RN.
Special Diets – plan and prepare meals for dietary allergies and restrictions for all campers, volunteers and any staff.
Kitchen Krew – Help prepare meals under the guidance of the Chef
Activity Leader – some are Lifeguard, Ropes Certified, but all are ready and willing to lead any activity.  Leading includes insuring safety, encouraging All to participate, keeping order while having a blast and teaching a biblical truth based on experience.
Worship Leader – gifted and experience at leading worship
Staff Kids – care for the director children and possibly volunteer nurses children.
Leadership Team – Preferably returning staff who want to step up to more of a leadership position that begins planning camp several months prior to summer.  Discuss with Glen or Laura if you have questions or interest.